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What Do You Know About Plumbers

Finding a Family Plumber

Hiring a professional plumber is a no-brainer, but keep in mind that not all plumbers deal with all kinds of plumbing jobs. If you’re searching for someone to meet your family’s routine plumbing needs, keep reading.

The Family Plumber

Plumbing isn’t rocket science, but it requires a good amount of knowledge. It takes a professional, for instance, to crank on PVC as much as necessary without causing it to crack. It’s expertise that keeps a $10 repair from turning into a flood of woes.

You can prepare for a more urgent situation just by developing a relationship with a plumber even if you don’t need him yet. If possible, have him to work on non-emergency repairs or fixture installations during typical business hours. It’s easier to attract a plumber’s attention if you’re a regular customer instead of a panicked stranger making him work at 8 pm on a Saturday night.

Prior to picking a plumber, have them show you proof of a license. Plumbers have to be licensed in most states, and usually, you can also ask for a number that you can call to check whether they have a current license with no active complaints against it. The plumber you consider must have a current workers’ compensation policy on top of liability insurance worth no less than $500,000.

The best way of finding a reputable plumber is to ask for personal referrals from people you know – relatives, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. After finding a plumber you are confident in, save his contact details in your cellphone and call him during emergencies.

The Cost You Pay

Most people are shocked by the bill for emergency plumbing. Does that say that plumbers are merely taking advantage? Not necessarily. In most cases, it is the job’s short duration that drives up the high rates. While the plumber may only spend an hour to fix the problem, you’ll basically be paying for the time he spends driving to and from your home, buying parts, etc.

For a plumber who specializes in drain-clearing services, prepare at least $70 hourly for drain lines and $125 hourly for sewer lines. An hour is usually all it takes to finish most problems. Naturally, the hourly rate is higher when you call on a weekend or at night.

For basic plumbing, like leak repair or new trap installations, you’ll probably pay around $45 to $65 hourly on top of parts, which the plumber is going to mark up from his wholesale price. For night or weekend calls, you’ll probably pay around $just for the call and about $75 after an hour. At these rates, you probably don’t want to keep chatting, but do ask what options are available to you and what can be done to keep the same issue from recurring.

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