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Tips of Dealing With Online Defamation

Every person struggles with justified reproaches in life. Having to deal with unfair and uncalled for online attacks on the other hand is devastating and heartbreaking. Online defamation is one way cyber bullies use to tarnish people’s names on the online community and dealing with is usually quite a tough task.

To deal with an online attack, there are two ways one can apply, the legal approach and the non-legal one. The impact intended for both kinds of approaches is the same except the legal way conveys a tough message while the non-legal way is a laid back. The legal way will cost you money and time but is guaranteed to work. Usually the legal approach sometimes may seem a little heavy handed ending up in garnering sympathizers for your attacker.

The non-legal approach requires you to get into contact with the attacker and ask them to pull down false information about you. This may result in solving your problems once the attacker pulls down the content. However if the attacker is hiding behind a fake identity or is anonymously posting this damaging content, the non-legal approach might not be all that helpful.

You will need a defamation attorney when the false statements being made are by anonymous people because they have the ability to find out who they are if need be, take them to court. You will find that the case won’t need to go to court but you need to be open to that option if need arises. If the statements were clearly made with the intention of damaging your reputation to achieve financial pitfalls or malice, then there is a case. The attorney you have chosen shall rise above it and settle the case for you.

Reporting the attacker is yet another way you can go in handling your attacker as you await the court due process. Report the domain name to their registrars, to their hosting companies, to the social network and to Google. One or the other is bound to do something about it. Reporting the attackers in this way however may be construed by observers and stakeholders alike that it is more retaliatory and therefore may not be the best approach and therefore should really be used as a last resort. Just in case there is a backlash upon taking this step, you shall need to take in your stakeholder’s thought on the same and seek legal advice from your lawyer. Be prepared for any kind of outcome as this decision is very serious.

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