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We can’t direct the feelings that we get in our day by day lives; we are bound to have both blissful and miserable circumstances as we proceed. What we encounter is directed by the general population encompassing us and additionally the event of occasions that we can’t control. It is up to us to gather courage from all the happenings around as well as take in all the negatives and turn them into positives. Ami Shroyer, a religious motivational speaker, and also artist and author accentuates on these major focuses on her compositions and lessons. Individuals unexpectedly handle misery. All we can do to alleviate any adverse occurrence is to take up the negative grief situation and turn it into a strength that we can use later. Grief has diverse stages the first being dismissal of the occasions that have occurred. This stage is very dangerous as we expose ourselves to a lot of emotional distress trying to figure out who to blame. After going through this process, some might move on to acceptance while some might stick here depending on the personality of the person and the impact that the negative occurrence has had on their mental capabilities. After acceptance, most people move on but there are others who fail to do so and hold on to these emotions tormenting them for years to come.

Most people who don’t let go of a distressing situation tend to experience a lot of emotional problems and they cannot run their affairs in the appropriate manner. There are many advantages of grief as mentioned by Ami Shroyer in her teachings as well as other motivational texts. Since grief is a major step that exposes people to a heightened emotional state, most people who manage to accept and move on, become better versions of themselves and create a better understanding and approach towards life. It is a journey that has a lot of ups and downs that emerging on the other side requires great effort and care. If you go through grief, there is no use of holding on to the negative impact, just make it a fruitful occurrence in your life. Someone going through grief can only handle the emotional state by themselves or if assisted but the initiative must come from them since they are the only ones who comprehend what they are going through. It is important to forget such instances even though you should still hold the memory. It allows the person experience better emotions that will make them a better person in society.

As we live, we are liable to a lot of events, and we don’t hold the way to our future. All we can do is to embrace our negatives and turn them into positives the moment we face them.

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