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Why Christian Marriage Counseling Is Better Than Secular Counseling

An individual obtaining Christian marriage help or secular advice wants the same thing: to preserve their marriage and ease spousal differences. Yet, the two methods are worlds apart from various perspectives, and so, a Christian has to be very careful not to pick the wrong remedy to save marriage.

Here’s why you may find Christian marriage therapy more effective than secular approaches:

In case you’re taking up Christian counseling, maybe for advice regarding restoring a marriage after an affair, there will be an additional angle to this help, which secular techniques lack. Christian counsel is based on the Bible, and it attempts to carefully identify those aspects in which an individual may have gone contrary to the principles and commands of the scriptures. In the end, marriage restoration is achieved when the concerned individual is able to use Christian counseling to lovingly submit to the will of God.

Christian counselors manage to achieve their objectives because they recognize an absolute standard that forms the basis for such goals and evaluation of the counselee’s way of life. They hold the scriptures as the truth and the basis for undoing a wrong, reprimanding, enlightening, and bringing an individual back to righteousness.

A secular therapist never refers to any absolute standard; rather, they exploit recent psychological findings and societal traditions, both of which usually vary depending on time and place. So, don’t expect a secular advisor to present to you a supreme authority that can inform the assessment of morals and choice of action.

Consider the case of adultery that’s almost leading to divorce. A secular professional trying to save your marriage will pop up issues like, “what does it make you feel?” or “do you think your partner is hurting because of this”? For sure, you need to resolve those issues even if you’re being counseled by a Christian. However, the way you conduct your marriage is not just about you and your spouse, and so you need someone also asking you, “what do you think is the God’s view of your actions?” A therapist who recognizes God’s significance in maintaining a happy marriage will prove useful in this context.

There’s also the important issue of prayer, which secular marriage philosophies do not emphasize. Christian counseling will always insist on prayers for marriage restoration. Once you play your part, it’s important to pray to God for strength and wisdom as you attempt to uphold His will and return to a path of righteousness, in case that’s the cause of your marital problems. When your husband or wife is the source of concern, look up to prayers for the strength to keep trying rather than bolt out of marriage too soon.

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